Finding leads

How easy is it to get started?

Set up takes two minutes. Simply sign up, and you'll have immediate access to use and start finding high-converting leads. Make sure you install our Google Chrome Extension to make the most of our Tool.

How do you find leads?

We find prospects online and reference them against our own database. We have a proprietary way to find contact details. Please note that we're only are able to verify a certain number of emails per plan.

What does email verify mean?

There's a number of ways that we find email addresses. Credits are only used up when the email percentages are 80% or higher.

Why can't you provide email verify on all leads?

We use a number of internal systems and data providers to verify lead data. This means that it is an extremely large and costly task. In order for us to provide our service with all it's features and at an affordable price we need to limit the number of emails we can verify.

How accurate are the contact details?

Very accurate. We have spent years on improving our way of finding contact details.

How regularly can I use

You can use as much as you want within each plan. We use a range of search engines and social networks to refine your search into leads; with this in mind it's generally best practice to spread your search over the month (as opposed to using all your searches in one day!)

Billing & Subscription Information

What are my payment options?

You can subscribe by entering your Credit Card details - uses as the payment gateway, and doesn't store Credit Card information.

I'm having trouble paying with Credit Card.

Please let us know about the problem via Contact Form. Let us know as much as possible about the problem.

How can I view my current plan?

Select Settings from the top menu, and switch into plans section in order to view your current plan status and date.

Sign up, Plans & limits

I'd like to sign up but neither Plan suits my needs.

We have four popular plans. In addition to this we offer Custom Plans. In order to apply for a custom plan, send your question by using the Contact Form with the amount of leads you're interested in finding.

Are all limits on a per user basis?

Yes, all sign ups are on a per user basis from a company administrator.

Why can't I downgrade the plan?

You may not be able to downgrade because you've chosen a larger plan and exceeded your limit on leads.

Can I get an invoice for my subscription payment?

You can find your invoices in the Billing Information section on your account. You will also receive them by e-mail after the payment.

Data usage

Am I able to contact new leads? is a universal product that uses public information readily available on the internet. We organise and supply it to you in an intuitive and smart way. You must operate within the laws of your region in terms of how you market to these people. For example please see details for a UK market here.

Does comply with EU Data Protection and U.S. Safe Harbor Framework? fully complies and adheres to the requirements of the European Data Protection Act and the requirements for U.S. customers Safe Harbor Framework as set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding collection, use and retention of personal data from European Union member countries and Switzerland.